Monday, January 12, 2009

good morning

If I didn't have to go to work this morning I might spend the day making another one of these.

There are things we do for love and things we do for money.

The two rarely meet.


  1. Yes you could! If you opened an Etsy shop, I bet you'd sell this immediately.

  2. That is gorgeous. And yes, you certainly could sell them. You are so incredibly talented.

  3. this is beautiful !! YUM!

    if you wanted to sell these, you definitely could but just to enjoy one, would be a treat!!

  4. Yes, love and money. Those are things that make the world go round (or at least our little heads and bodies on the world).

    Love and money.

    Money and love.

    Gloves and honey.

    Runny and doves.

  5. Love it! You are so creative...I'm jealous. Damn...that's a sin. I mean that I'm so impressed with your work. ;-)

  6. Wow! I'm impressed you stopped by and left such kind comments. I was mostly still trying to push the other picture off the page with time running short. I made a dozen or so of these a year ago and they mostly went as presents.

    kirie - Thanks so much. I'll blogroll you so I can come and look more often.

    belette - Really?

    cdp - Maybe I should check out Etsy. I don't have much idea about how to do that stuff.

    utah - You write beautifully while I just get by but I have spent a long time doing visual and some tactile stuff.

    linda - I know you've done your share of fabric work. The best of these were done on the heaviest charmeuse I could find.. but not this one. She was the first and is very sweet but the silk is light.

    gary - That's no explanation at all but I think you should be paid for paddling that canoe :-)

    me - Well, you see I had this i-pod I wanted to have at work but I had no pocket most days, and besides, that looks tacky. I enjoy solving weird problems.. glad you approve of the results :-)

  7. I have one and it's gorgeous. I carry my iPod in it and get compliments on it all the time. Thank you, Susan. I think of you and your beautiful art every time I see the beautiful little bag you sent me.

  8. lisa - It's a pleasure to know you enjoy her company :-)

  9. the best jobs are those where you can combine them both and I am lucky that I can say I have a job I love and get paid for.

  10. liberality - Welcome to phantsy. You're lucky to be able to say so and I'm lucky because I may soon have the daylight hours again :-) I'll return visit later. Nice avatar, btw ~

  11. Ooh. I just had to enlarge the picture for a better look. Truly beautiful. I love the eyes.

  12. Sure they do. You merely have to become a slimy lobbyist.

  13. ben - She is pretty :-)

    randal - Not THAT kind of love.

  14. That is just too pretty. I could not pass it up if it was for sale and, of course, if I could afford it.

    I love my job also. But there are aspects to it that make me want to leave teaching altogether.

    You're fortunate Susan, in that you can create beautiful things with your own hands. That is very different from what I do, which has no real tangible outcome. When students perform especially well, it's just thought that you've done your job. No one really ever says you did your job well. Rarely. Yeah. Yeah. You've heard it all before. A thankless job.

  15. pagan - I have some long time personal friends who are teachers so I do understand the frustrations involved in helping young people learn to frame their lives. It certainly isn't all about mastering subjects. You have my deep appreciation for what you do.

    I was used to working among lots of people in pretty kinetic environments but nearly five years ago took a job that mostly involves dealing with numbers. I could have more conversations standing at a bus stop for 2 hours a week than I do in the almost 40 I spend at work. I feel a change is due.