Friday, January 2, 2009

every story tells a picture

There's a new story up on Adventure's Ink.. the fourteenth in a series I never expected to draw and write. I've surprised myself by having drawn 56 pictures in less than a year.. a record for me since it generally takes me a month to finish a painting.

There's no master plan for what will come next but this one called armadillo arms is about Vancouver, BC. Happy New Year to all of you, new friends and old, and best wishes to Scarlet Blue who won a contest that started the storytelling.

May you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live.


  1. Happy New Year...

    To my favorite Canadian blogger..... where ever she lives!

  2. Susan, are you Canadian? If so, congratulations on that universal health care.

    If you live in the Pacific Northwest, as I think you do, are you safe and secure from the snow that keeps falling there?

    Best wishes for the New Year.

    And congratulations to Scarlet Blue. First time I came across her blog I fell instantly in love. Alas, it seems Fairlane has her locked in his dungeon.

  3. jimm - To you too. Like most of us I live in my head but the physical part is still in Portland, OR.. where it snowed again last night :-(

    utah - Yes, I'm Canadian (born in England) but I've become an honorary American after 30+ years of exile. We're seriously considering a return engagement with Canada in the next couple of years.

    Scarlet won the contest last February. Her blog was a lot of fun for many and she's missed.

  4. ab fab, susan :D

    lived in many parts of bc, but the last 11 years here in nova scotia, parenting my kids, once my ex took a massive stroke

    while nice, i prefer the west coast

  5. wolf - We're considering NS but the heavy winter weather there fills me with some trepidation.

  6. Happy New Year to you, too, Susan. Sorry to get to this so many days late.