Friday, December 18, 2009

opinions are optional

Every so often I consider making a web page so there'd be a single place to go if someone wants to look at my artwork. Most of it's already somewhere here on the blog but there's no way to see it other than scrolling through older and older posts and nobody has time for that. The problem is I have little enough time for posting anyway and every time I look at web design software I get a headache.

The only other quick solution is to add a new blog but there are already three. Three is enough. Phantsy has to stay because it's the main one. Adventure's Ink is kind of unique and I might just get into writing and drawing more stories because there are more lurking about in the back of my mind. That leaves Baby Days which has been up since October of '07 and is rarely looked at. I was so new at blogging when I posted the story that I did it in 18 separate posts because I didn't know how to arrange the pictures and text any other way. Perhaps there's a way of saving it in the background but it appears to me the only option in Blogger is to delete all of it.

I don't know. There aren't a lot of paintings I still have access to since the ones done longest ago were sold or given away long before I took an interest in keeping a photo record of them but there are probably twenty or so. Baby Days is old news and I am painting again so there will be additions as time goes on. Maybe I should just forget the whole thing. What do you think?


  1. I would love to see you do a single site where we could see all of your paintings and the Adventures, Ink stories. But I can see how that might be more than you'd want to undertake.

  2. +1 on what CDP said. I made my sessionleopard site online using and its very user friendly.. and if you ever want to expand on its design you can just download what you've done and get down and dirty in dreamweaver.

  3. I think it would be great to have them all in one place.

  4. It would be great to have all your great work in one place.

  5. Lately, I've been pondering another blog myself. I've always wanted to do some kind of blog about food. Sure, some recipes, but in a more conversational narrative fashion, not just lists of ingredients and instructions. I'd really like a back and forth with readers.
    Then I ask the same questions you do. Should I? Would there be interest? And like you, I'm busy enough without another project.
    But it's easier to have an opinion about what someone else wants to do, especially when they do the asking.
    So, it would be great to see a blog with just your artwork.
    By the way, the piece that is posted on this blogpost is stunning. I can't identify your personality in it, (yet??!!), but I like your stuff. I can go to parts of it and see separate things, like the border, separate from the painting, but still part of it. I'm just trying to compliment your work with words. I can't really. I'll just look at it and like it.


  6. I'll add my vote for access to all of the Susan paintings...

    But another part of me (the one that keeps new CDs unopened for months until I need to open something new) thinks it's great fun to have one come along now and then, unpredictably, like bird sightings or flaming sunsets.

    I definitely understand the time and hassle factor...

  7. Oh - and I love this piece (have collected it before). The moon patterns in the border remind me of phase charts, which always works for me to echo the idea of seasons. And there are so many symbolic things in this piece. I feel like we should have a key to it, like scholars sometimes provide for Bosch.

  8. Beautiful piece, Susan! I too would love to see your work in one place or at least accessible easily. Does blogger not allow categories on a sidebar where you can have links to series of your works, like I have on my blog? And/or get a slide show feature installed, though if you're like me you'd need some help setting it up and then it's relatively easy to upload work into it. Good luck to finding the right answer for your needs!

  9. cdp - I'm glad you like the idea and I will be working on it. Thanks :-)

    joss - Yola looks pretty cool but I like blogger and don't know if I could just link to a Yola web page. Still thinking.

    nancy - Me too :-)

    jams - Yeah, then you could see more than the disappearing blog posts allow.

    spadoman - A food blog by you would be pretty entertaining :-)

    Yes, my paintings tend to get pretty complicated once I'm seriously involved. At the moment I'm working on some simpler pieces I'll post soon. Glad you like them.

    steve - I'd still be posting them on the blog first but at least there'd be a link so people could see them effortlessly.

    I'm still looking for the key to where they come from myself :-) but I'm truly grateful for your praise.

    marja-leena - Your blog is a magnificent place compared to this one. The Adventures drawings are on a Picassa site but I had to allow the whole blog so I can't do it with phantsy. I could do links but I need a nice spot for linking the watercolours. I'll find it and thank you for the fine compliment.

  10. Oh, how I would love to scroll down posts of your art work only. A feast for the eyes and spirit.

    I'm lucky to have a file with your name on it when you gave me license to borrow images for my feature on your work. Still, I would love to have a place that yours to visit and re-visit your wonderful paintings.

  11. It would be great to have a website with just your artwork, I always look forward to seeing it when it pops up here.

    I also had no idea you had more than one blog. I don't know how I missed that!

  12. pagan - You can grab one of my images whenever you like for your files. I'm delighted you like them so much. I'll work on the virtual gallery thing because it would be nice to have.

    nunly - I'll be giving it a try in the reasonably near future :-)

  13. of course, i'd love to see all of your art. you're an amazing and delightful artist.
    one idea: DeviantART ( is very easy to use and features an active artist community.

  14. I think you should have a new blog for each picture. Then you'll set the record for most blogs by one person and become a celebutaunt.

  15. sera - I just checked out deviantArt and it looks very cool. I think I like the idea :-) Thanks

    randal - That's about the only way I'll become one :-)