Sunday, October 11, 2009

saturday phantsying

I spent the day painting what will be the next silk bag and then I took a picture that looked like this when it came out of i-photo. Then I decided to see what it would look like if I played with photo shop elements:

This is what it it looked like with normal diffuse

and this is how it looked as a poster.

I think this one is my favorite - just plain with all the color switched to sepia. Maybe I'll paint it in sepia next time and then play with colors. Makes you wonder what's real, doesn't it?

Ahh, this one is nice too - invert suggested by Marja-Leena:

Having too many options confuses me.


marja-leena said...

What fun to play with image manipulation programs, isn't it? I do like that sepia version as well as the others. Have you tried 'invert', that's cool too?

Nancy said...

I like the colors. But then I'm partial to color. I am keeping an eye on one of the silk bags on Etsy. I think it will be perfect for my small collection of treasures. Mostly small stones. This one will be lovely, too.

jams o donnell said...

They all look so delightful!

Pagan Sphinx said...

I adore that girl with her horn. She looks so in command of things!

I have an ancient version of Photo Shop - it's not the most user-friendly. I wonder if the updated versions are better.

Happy Sunday. We have a monday off in Massachusetts.

susan said...

marja-leena - Oooo, I just tried 'invert' and yes, it looks very cool. I only have an old sample program of photo-shop that came with my scanner. Too bad they don't sell a cheaper version for people to try. $700 is far too much for me and the whole program would be wasted on me.

nancy - Each one does have its points but in reality the first is the only one that exists. I'm pretty sure your 'etsy' choice will be there a while. It makes me happy to know there's one you're considering.

jams - Only making the first one has taken any effort. Glad you like them :-)

pagan - I really like her too.

My version of photo-shop came with my scanner as a sample program. It's not user friendly either and I don't use it much - no need to.

I remember Columbus Day in New England. This state doesn't have it as a holiday.. unfortunately.

CDP said...

I love the girl with the horn, too.

Seraphine said...

i love playing in photoshop. i use it every day for two to four hours.
it has some advantages over traditional art, such as one never has to wash brushes afterwards. one doesn't have to stretch canvas or buy acrylics or wear a silly french hat.
but too, one loses the preciousness of holding silk up to one's face or smelling linseed oil or watching photographs develop in the batch tray of a darkroom.
enjoying photoshop is a little like watching pornography. there is gratification of sorts, but it is (alas) without the sensual use of feathers. it lacks the delicious immediacy of hair pulling.
it becomes empty art, good for a few moments, a pretty picture... but it doesn't fill the soul in the same spiritual/physical way as does great art.

susan said...

cdp - After drawing the outline the most fun for me about painting is never knowing who's going to show up :-)

sera - Manipulating images is kind of fun but I always end up liking the original better. Then the choices made on the fly have become concrete, bounded by the constraints of physical reality and the things I wish I'd done differently eventually show themselves as part of the perfection of the whole.

What you do so well goes beyond simple playing. Transcending the medium is what real art is all about and you have that talent and skill.

marja-leena said...

Yes, the invert one is interesting! I'm totally a PhotoShop user myself but I don't upgrade often for it is expensive. The very first one I had was a full version that came with my first scanner more than 10 years ago now. PhotoShop Elements is a lower cost alternative, should you be looking for one.

Liberality said...

I like the inverted one too!


Utah Savage said...

I'm going to have to learn to photoshop. I have the program, just not the knowledge. It looks very fun.

I like the one with the colors reversed, I think, though it's hard to beat the original.

susan said...

marja-leena - Yes, it's photo shop elements that came with the scanner I bought last year. Since I'm not a graphics artist I don't need more but it's kind of fun playing with the wilder elements - so long as I remember to save the original :-)

liberality - Yes! I'm wondering if my brain would work in invert now ;-)

utah savage - If you have the program all you need do is load up some copies of pictures you'd like to play with and then have at it. All you need to do to have them later is to do a 'save as'. It really is fun if you're bored and stuck for the next idea (or waiting for the paint to dry).

When I saw the result of invert it was too cool not to post :-)

linda said...

well, screwed that one up, incase you are wondering :)

I love this image and think the last one with the blue is my second and then the sepia one...I do not have the patience to learn PS even if I did have it...thinking of the mac variety but alas, still wouldn't have the patience...

hoping the fleet sailed!

susan said...

linda - I'm actually still painting the real one and, as you well understand, that's more than enough decision making for me. I have a sample of PS called Elements and what I did was just make very simple changes. I bet I have less patience for computerized graphics than you :-)

Meanwhile, I don't know what causes the spammers but hopefully they're gone for a while. Because it was Adventure's they hit I had to clean it out. I noticed they hit Steve Emery too and the blog of another friend who's been posting for years.

Seraphine said...

heh. i had 52 spam messages on my blog today. but luckily my filter blocked them.
spammers are really active now. there must be a surplus of used cialis and zoloft somewhere.

susan said...

sera - Yeah, either that or they're advertising for lucrative careers in medical billing :-)

I don't care so much when they hit old posts on phantsy but the stories I'd prefer to stay clear. Blogger only seems to have some form of word verification as an answer and I'd rather not go there.

Randal Graves said...


Sorry, they're now beaming directly into the cerebral cortex. I dig these, but that sepia one conjures up musty old tomes, and that's an extra groovy thing.

susan said...

randal - Brain spammers are scarier than zombies.. as if you didn't know.

Spadoman said...

I like the poster shot. The painting overall appeals as well in any color or treatment.


Dr. Zaius said...

I find that usually those filters are not an improvement. I would just heighten the contrast and lighten it a bit...