Sunday, October 4, 2009

a new Adventure at last

It's been taking much longer between Adventure's Ink stories. There's a new one tonight about an old friend that I hope you'll enjoy.

Peace out :-)


  1. haha. i couldn't find iphigenia in brooklyn in itunes. however, the cd is for sale on amazon.
    but but but... i found it on youtube.
    "for use in case of cultural discomfort" it said.

  2. What a wonderful adventure. Oh thanks for linking to me I will return the compliment

  3. sera - It was a moment of epiphany when I found that name on your post. PDQ Bach was a family favorite simply because he had so much fun discomfitting the comfortable. He's also an excellent composer.

    jams - I'm glad to have met you. We must do so again.

  4. Just catching up on your blog posts. I have a similar chart as yours - rising sign Scorpio with three other houses in that sign, and my husband and youngest daughter is Taurus. Sometimes I think we talk different languages.

    Love the Etsy - will head over to take a look and also read the new story.

    Glad to catch up!

  5. nancy - Glad to see you back. It's true what you say and amazing that any of us can understand one another at all. I guess that's why where we live is called 'consensus reality'.

  6. I could have swore I left a comment here yesterday. I'm losing it...

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this story and I really wish I had the courage to just pack a suitcase and just planning, just go.

    Your characters really come to life in your stories, just as the images come to life in your paintings. Very cool, Susan, very cool. :-)

  7. nunly - Not to worry - you haven't lost it yet. You posted your comment on the Adventure's Ink page and very glad I was to read it. Even gladder today you came back to say so again :-)