Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy Thanksgiving

This painting isn't quite done and the colors of the photograph are off but it's what I've been working on the past week or more. So why am I posting it now? Simply because it's the only new and potentially lovely thing I have available as a gift to my friends on the eve of my favorite American holiday.

Walk and touch peace every moment.
Walk and touch happiness every moment.
Each step brings a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.
Bring the Earth your love and happiness.
The Earth will be safe
when we feel safe in ourselves.

- Thich Nhat Hanh


La Belette Rouge said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely piece with us. She looks like a Neptunian goddess. I hope your every moment, breeze, bloom and step are filled with peace and happiness.xoxo

Pagan Sphinx said...

It was love at first sight. She is so romantic and perhaps has the potential to dramatic at times. :-)
Thank you.

Happy thanksgiving to you and Numb. And if Crow is around, give him my warmest regards.

Your friend,

Liberality said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I love her eyes! What a beautiful woman!

Lisa said...

I love the rich colors of this. And her expression. What a wonderful thing to share with us.

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan, Numb and Crow.

marja-leena said...

Happy Thanksgiving, your second one! Love the painting, Susan.

linda said...

good evening, my sweet....thinking of you and wanted to say this is stunning as are the words, just stunning....have a good day tomorrow, whatever you may do...xoxox

Francis Hunt said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

susan said...

belette - Neptunian goddess. I like that.

pagan sphinx - Yes, she is a little dramatic, isn't she?

liberality - The eyes were the first thing I knew were right.

lisa - The light was bad for picture taking so I'm glad it looks okay.

marja-leena - Yes, we should all have more Thanksgivings.

linda - I should have been using oils for this one.

francis - best wishes of the day to you.

gfid said...

when i lived in Dawson City, YT, i encountered a cantankerous old lady who was a bit of a land baron, by local standards. she had this cluster of little houses comprising, i thing, an entire block. building standards were pretty loose those days, so it was hard to know where one's yard ended and the next began. she was a passionate gardener. her plots were a wonder to behold, with never a weed to be seen. i don't think a weed seed dared even germinate there. she had some funny ideas, one of which your quote brings to mind. she believed that wherever a foot trod, a weed would grow. she was a holy terror if anyone trespassed, sending neighbors and strolling tourists fleeing in fear of her.

beauteous painting and beauteous words, befitting the occasion. i can't think of a better thing to celebrate than thankfulness.

Sean Jeating said...

As mostly late for a party. Is Thanksgiving Day being followed by Forgiveness Day? :)
Thanks for the good an poetic wishes, Susan. May you and yours have enjoyed most pleasurable hours.

As for your dramatic Neptunian Godess: Poseidon would fall in love, too. :)

okjimm said...

WHEN is all your art going into a book????????????

SOON I hope....
alla best to you kiddo!

susan said...

gfid - I've met a few cantankerous old ladies similar to her - especially when I was a kid. I actually miss them so now I'm thinking about becoming one myself. The only problem is I'm not a gardener so I'd have to find something else to rant about.

sean - I think it's supposed to be followed by 'You're Welcome Day'. I always liked American Thanksgiving because it's one of the very few where they can't sell useless stuff. The 4th of July is okay too but I never liked fireworks in the hands of the neighbours.

okjimm - I wouldn't know where to begin. My artwork is only recognized by a small circle of friends :-)

Francis Hunt said...

... a not so small circle of friends :-)

susan said...

francis - It's all mutual :-)