Monday, November 22, 2010

hats off to the winner

It's not even December yet and already the weather here in Halifax is colder than I'm used to at this time of year. I guess that's no surprise, except to me who thought they were just kidding about winter woolies and boots heavy enough to hold your feet to the ground when the wind blows a gale. Guess what? They weren't kidding.

Anyway, for the sake of a little prettiness to go along with protection from the elements, I made myself a hat. It's not the best hat, or the most fashionable hat, or even the warmest hat, but it's not bad for a first attempt at making a hat. I may even make another, quilted and lined with patchworks of painted silk.

Before Crow left for his annual flight around the Andes with his condor friends he pulled the name of the birthday card winner out of the hat and asked that I let that person know. Since he's the wisest being of my acquaintance, I'm always delighted to follow his wishes.

The lucky winner of a small Crow portrait is Marja-Leena, a very fine artist and collector of treasures new, old, and natural.

Thanks to all of you who left birthday greetings. I told Crow not to give away the date but now I'm very glad he did. Warm wishes are the best body and soul warmer I know of. I wish I could send a birthday card to all of you. Given enough time, I may do just that.


  1. OH, OH, OH, I'm so thrilled, like I'm the one receiving a birthday gift! Amazing that you, the birthday girl, is gifting me - thank you! I'm so honoured to become an owner of one of your works, Susan. (An email will be on the way shortly.)

  2. Oh, I missed your birthday! Please accept my belated birthday wishes for you and I hope you manage to stay warm even though the winds blow cold.

  3. That looks wonderful, first effort not withstanding - apparently being an artist doesn't end when the pens and brushes get put away!

    I used to sew quite a bit, but it was all pretty utilitarian stuff...

  4. lovely lid. you'll be setting trends in Halifax. i took a quick 'tour' via the link, of Crow's travel plans... and stumbled on Wayna Picchu.... tell Crow if he bumps into these guys in his travels, to let them know they have a huge grannyfan in northern canada. incredible musicians, and not one bit hard on the eyes. i've taken an inspirational rabbit trail from you, and have painted white on white on some of my windows, in lieu of drapes (took the hideous clattering plastic horizontal blinds down) will post a pic. nearly have the 'studio' organized, so quilts soon to follow. made soap last week, and have begun to replace the hideous 'boob' lights in all of the rooms with groovy stuff gleaned from the ReStore. you know the ones; they're everywhere. ugly half-round things with a central screw holding the globe up, mounted on the ceiling. a pair of them side-by-side (and i HAVE seen this) looks like breasts.... all this to tell you i think i'm coming out of my slump, and the creative juices begin to flow.

  5. I like that hat. It is very distinctive. Ach we are looking set for snow here in England... Bah! I can't stand the stuff!

  6. marja-leena - It's just a small and quickly done picture but I'm very glad it makes you happy.

    liberality - Thank you. It's warm enough inside so my worry is that soon i will hardly ever go out.

    cr - Funny you should say that. When I looked and found a number of fabric stores around here it turned out my husband was right when he said they'd all deal in sail cloth.

    gfid - Once I used to set trends but now I try to not look silly :-) I'm so glad to hear you're finally settled enough in your new place that you can get on with some entertaining projects. I do know what you mean by the 'boob' lights and I'm sure you'll be glad to be rid of them. Do you suppose someone will be thrilled to find them in a future reStore? Nah..

    I saw the Wayna Picchu one too but went for the Andes video instead.

    jams - Why thank you. I'm not at all sure I'm ready for snow either but what I really don't like are the very short days. Hates them, in fact.