Monday, November 1, 2010

only november?

Here's yet another from the collection in case you've never seen it. It's under glass so I didn't get the best image but I'm sure you'll get the idea.

It keeps on getting colder here though we have balcony rails now so it's not a straight seven floor drop over the edge. The grinding has been a constant for two months but those boys look cold too and some days, when the wind catches the scaffolds, I'd swear they were rehearsing for the circus. Maybe they're trapeze artists once building season ends. It couldn't be that they stay home and drink huge amounts of beer, could it?

The good news is our car is now a genuine Canadian with her Nova Scotia plates, a safety sticker and a $200 addition to her electronics that turns her lights on when she starts. Apparently it's a law here that must have been lobbied into being by the automobile lightbulb association. When we went to the provincial version of the DMV to get everything taken care of we were prepared to spend the day - sandwiches, drinks, books, and games all in hand - yet were amazed that our licenses and the registration was all done in less than an hour.

Another weird thing has been the complete absence of Halloween and Christmas decorations, advertisements, store, and mall displays. Both holidays are celebrated here but it appears the total commercialization I've grown immured to never happened. It's quite refreshing.

Just for a little entertainment, maybe you'd like to see something neat that came as a surprise to me, although I'm sure my Canadian friends know all about this projection production that's been a regular event in Quebec City since 2008. 'The Image Mill' was created as part of the celebration of the city's 400 year history and the screen is an old grain mill on the harbor. 2000 feet long and 100 feet tall, the historical images and films projected on the huge old cylinders look pretty cool. I've only been there once but I remember Quebec as one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. Now I have another reason to go back for a visit.. unless they decide to do one in Halifax.

Bande annonce - Le Moulin à images from Samuel Matteau on Vimeo.

I'm always up for a little projection..
but thank heavens for radiant



  1. You have got the culture up there, that is for sure. Too bad it has to be so cold up there though. Guess you have to pay for the culture with the cool. :)

  2. It is a delightful picture.. but then your works is a source of constant delight! I wish our stores were a bit more low key about Xmas. I supppose that it;s a small mercy that none of them have started the Xmas muzak yet. One year I will hear Jonah Lewie's Stop the Cavalry one time too many and I won't be responsible for my actions!

  3. Are you required to use 'aboot?'

    I saw my first Xmas commercial yesterday. You don't know what you've got until it's gone, hippie.

  4. First of all, it's no wonder you're cold, put some clothes on!
    That is a fabulous video. To see this in person would be awesome. Sounded kinda like Pink Floyd in the beginning, I liked that too!
    I really liked hearing that there might be a place in the Western world with less commercialization of the man-made holidays. Sounds promising.
    Great stuff!


  5. That was very cool.

    And your painting is very autumn. I love it.

  6. Nice post..and video. I like your positive and curious exploration of your new home town... Hope we visit soon.

  7. that is one of the prettiest paintings that you have done. i love the warmish oranges. i can understand why you have it displayed under glass.
    i wonder if you will see the aurora boler... aurora bolero... aurora boloio... um... the northern lights from nova scotia. i want to see those one day. they sound magical.
    it sounds like you are enjoying yourselves up there.

  8. liberality - I wish I could say it's all cool but that wouldn't be true. The good news is many people are still employed but the homeless exist here too.

    jams - I may have spoken too soon about the Christmas thing here but in the US the stores are always promoting the next made up holiday shopping bonanza.

    randal - I'll have to stop and think aboot that before I answer.

    Since I still don't watch tv I'll be spared commercials even if they run them.

    spadoman - Hah! Only in my dreams do I approach youthfulness or general nudity.

    Apparently, later in the year they run films of the aurora borealis. That must be a cool soundtrack too.

    lisa - Glad as always you enjoyed :-)

    gary - Looking forward to seeing you and having dinner at the Wooden Monkey.

    sera - Yes, this is one of the very few I ever framed once I stopped doing gallery shows. She's very lovely.

    I don't know if we'll see the auroras from here but yesterday I did get snowed on a little bit. I'm still quite nervous about winter.

  9. Does your car have a Canadian accent now?xoxo

  10. I love your art and this piece is gorgeous. I'm glad you are toasty warm, but that circus act you have for entertainment needs to wrap up for winter (poor guys)!

    The huge projection is amazing. I kept wondering what "visitors" who might be hovering around in the skies might think about it.... :)

  11. belette - She has chosen a very sweet Quebecoise.

    lydia - Thanks for the kind words. I think the guys have gone for the winter even though the work hasn't been finished. The ropes and scaffolds are gone til spring.

    I'd love to meet some of them to hear their opinions :-)

  12. i had a scaffold along one side of my house, in another life, for 2 long years.... long after the new roof we build it for was complete..... compliments of the 'ex'. one of the first things i did after he abandoned ship was tear down the !%* scaffold.

    it's an art, in the right hands, building scaffold. but they're not meant to be permanent architecture.

    the video clip is breathtaking!!! what it must be like LIVE!!!!

  13. gfid - I'm sure you took great pleasure in doing that. In a similar situation I once had a loft and deconstructed a little house someone had built under the stairs and threw the pieces out the 4th floor window. It was very gratifying even though the building owner came by and told me never to do that again :-)

    Yes, it would be wild to see that show live.